This was awesome. I wish every one of my colleagues could see this. Thank you for the time and consideration you put into this. I hope you know you are making a huge difference in an area a lot of people tend to push under the rug.

Jack, A., PT

Optimizing the Patient Experience

Very interesting presentation with many pearls of wisdom for improving patient experience TOMORROW.
Ari is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.  

Henry, M., PT

Improving Patient Adherence to Home Exercise Programs

A very relevant offering for all settings of rehabilitation and exercise. Excellent tie in to relevant literature and research on Rehab., human motivation, behavior, and ultimately performance factors in HEP. 

Nicole, S, OTA

The Science of Bedside Manner and Patient Satisfaction

It was very informative and had several good points that I can apply to my job immediately. It also validated some of the methods that I use when treating patients

Kathy, P., OT

The New World of Rehab: Addressing Burnout